In Kennel


We are planing new litter in a spring. One of the young girls will be a mother


Jeffrey x Dolly



BUNCH OF LOVE Chariboo (pink girl) - lives in Czech Rep


BABE IN THE WOODS Chariboo (red girl) - lives in Sweden


BLESSING IN DISGUISE Chariboo (white girl) - lives in UK

3,5m on photo


BEACH BEAR ALIGNED WITH Chariboo (green girl) - lives in USA

11w on photo


BARE MY HEART SHEADRISA Chariboo (blue boy) - lives in Spain


BY YOUR SIDE Chariboo (yellow boy) - lives in Poland

11w on photo

BEAUTY IN SKIN DEEP (orange boy) 

BEYOND A SHADOWS OF A DOUBT Chariboo (grey boy) - lives in Poland


Dolly x Leo

14.06.2017 - 7 pupps (2 girls and 5 boys) were born


SAIL WITH ME BEACH BEAR Chariboo (pink girl) - lives in USA

SHOWSTOPPER AT BEARSNEST FROM Chariboo (red girl) - lives in USA



SORCERER'S APPRENTICE Chariboo (green boy) - lives in USA

SHAME ON YOU (beige boy) - lives in Spain

SOMEBODY TO LOVE (yellow boy) - lives in UK

SOMEONE LIKE YOU (blue boy) - lives in Mexico

STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF - lives in Poland


Dolly x Jeffrey

8.08.2016 - 8 pupps (4 girls and 4 boys) were born


LET ME LOVE YOU Chariboo (red girl) - lives in USA

LUCKY ONE Chariboo (green girl) - stayed in kennel

LooLoo MASCOTTE Chariboo (pink girl) - stayed in kennel

LITTLE LUCIE Chariboo - lives in Germany


LEAVING FOR LONDON Chariboo (violet boy) - lives in UK

LIVING IN DREAM Chariboo (yellow boy) - lives in UK

LADY'S MAN Chariboo (blue boy) - lives in Russia

LAP OF LUXURY Chariboo - lives in Poland

Sired by Rysiek

  • 9 pupps were born on 24.06 --> 5 boys, 4 girl (ALL PUPPS RESERVED)
  • black, brown recesive

 kennel in UK

contact: Angela Patterson

  • 4 pupps were born on 31.01 --> 3 boys, 1 girl

"Sent Djons" kennel, Russia

contact: Julia Yasterbova

Strona internetowa

  • 1 puppy male born on 26.12


NUK CHARIBOO Terranovas de Sheadrisa - will stay in the kennel

  •  5 pupps were born on 27.11 ---> ALL PUPPS RESERVED <---

"NEWGRADEN" kennel, United Kingdom

contact: Angela Moir



  • 6 pupps were born (5 girls, 1 boy) on 17.11

"HUGGLE DOUBLE BEARS" kennel, Germany

contact: Sabine Standke-Tsapanos


  • 2 pupps (girl and boy) born on 14.10.2015 -----> BOTH PUPPS RESERVED<-------

"VANTOLLA" kennel, Poland

contact: Tomasz Wantoła

  • 11 puppies (5 boys/6 girls) born on 09.07.2015 ----> ALL PUPPS SOLD<---


contact: Natalia Tatarinova

Strona internetowa

  • 9 puppies (3 boys / 6 girls) born on 17.07     ----->!!!!! ALL PUPPS SOLD !!!!! <------

"ASKADO" kennel, Poland

contact: Dominika Łusiaczyk